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Precious Plastic New York USA

STAINLESS STEEL Upgraded version 3.3 Shredder Unit Precious Plastic sieve 5mm

STAINLESS STEEL Upgraded version 3.3 Shredder Unit Precious Plastic sieve 5mm

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This the latest version of Precious Plastic has of the Shredder Basic. Stronger, easier to assemble, better than before

100% stainless steel Version 3.3 Shredder box, All Parts are made with Stainless steel

Shredder with stainless steel hex shaft designed for allowing coupling effect at ONE ends. Two operations. 5mm sieve included

Teeth and fixed teeth are made from 304 stainless steel (5mm) with the remainder of fabrication, mild steel laser cut plate. Included are 2 high quality UCFL 206 30mm self lubricating bearing's. Bearings are slide fit on shaft.

The shredder build 10mm SIDE plates comes with improvement's above for increased strength,. This updated design is due to specific known issues from previous version designs that had been in operation. Observations and recorded information from users to design engineer's noted, "Operational improvement was needed to serve the customer base with a fully reliable product of open source availability." 

The 10mm side plates shredder you order -Assembled and shipped, all components are fabricated and tested before making available to customers, all parts and box sections welded for you during our fabrication. This product is Laser cut to very high standard, cleaned and ready for you to get operating in a short time period. 

What's Included?

  • Fully Built Kit 
  • Lasercut Parts  
  • 30mm Machined Hex Shaft
  • Pre Welded Mesh and Mesh Support (5mm holes, Optional Extra 8mm) see pics
  • All Nuts & Bolts
  • High-Quality Flange Bearings
  • support over the phone if you have any questions 


Please contact for availability, I usually have them handy, ready to ship by UPS or Fedex. Tracking number will be provided.

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